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Sales and Marketing Planning to Grow your Private Duty Home Care Business

Shortly after you start your business you have to figure out how to make your telephone ring!  There are three basic strategies to sales and marketing. 

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Advertising
  3. Word-of-Mouth

Far and away the most used strategy is direct sales.  A sales person identifies potential referral sources and makes an appointment to discuss your services.  This sales person then attempts to encourage the referral source to provide you with a client. 

Leading Home Care is recognized as a leader in direct sales training.  We’ve developed a Seven Step Relationship Selling Process for home care sales people.  It’s critical that your sales people are provided with appropriate training to build relationships over time.  It’s also important that they’re supplied with appropriate marketing collateral.  Finally, you’ll want to document your successes to hone your process to your market. 

Advertising is growing in popularity among private duty home care companies.  Healthcare in general is becoming a consumer driven environment.  Encouraging consumers to call you directly or to ask people they know about your organization will sometimes lead to success.  What we know for certain is that “The Magic is in the Mix” when it comes to marketing.  It takes time and investment in several different advertising media to produce a result.  You’ll want to investigate several of the following opportunities in your community.

  • Cable Television
  • Radio
  • Print Publications (i.e. Newspapers and local magazines)
  • Direct Mail
  • Church and other community newsletters
  • Website and email newsletters
  • Outdoor Advertising (billboards or sports arenas)
  • Telephone Directories
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Community Events Sponsorship
  • Health Fairs and other trade shows
  • Brochure Holders and Literature Racks

Word-of-Mouth Advertising is well known to be the best form of advertising.  It’s a myth however that you can’t buy word-of-mouth.  This marketing strategy is based on your current customer base, and focuses on providing exceptional customer service experience and encouraging and referral sources to give you repeat business.  This uses similar techniques to direct sales, however is more focused on using every aspect of your organization.  Frequently this can be coupled with a strong website and customer newsletters. 


Planning for Success

Regardless of which technique you choose as your primary focus, constantly evaluating the results of your efforts.

You'll want to look at revenue growth, new client growth, and try to determine what method generates each new client.

Finally, the only way to truly evaluate your success is to examine your Return on Investment (ROI) for each technique.

Finding the right balance of technique, resources, marketing collateral, and marketing budget is an art form.  As we tell our clients, "The magic is in the mix".  Ultimately, no single technique works, and all of them also work.  Finding the right mix of investment of your time, talent, and money will help you consistently grow your business.

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