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Starting a Non-Medical Home Care Business In South Carolina

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Company

Every state requires new businesses to complete various departmental registrations.  However, South Carolina, unlike many other states, does not require you to obtain a Home Care Agency License.  To continue with your business start-up, read through the following information, which provides web links and contacts for new business applications and registrations. 

Home Care Licensing

In the state of South Carolina there is no required license for home care agencies.

Business Name Search and Name Registration

Before registering your business, it is important that certain foundational factors be determined by you the employer. To read through a Start-Up Business Guide about the basics; follow the link provided by the state website and click on,

Starting a Business in South Carolina.  Here you can receive guidance on:

  • Choosing the legal structure of a Business

  • Understanding Tax Liability

  • Registering and Licensing a Business

  • Becoming an Employer

When choosing a business name it is crucial to determine that the name is not already being used by another business in your state. To complete a Name Availability Search online, visit the Secretary of State website.

Click here on the Secretary of State Business Filings website to read over:

  • Filing Fees

  • Reserve your business name

  • Register your business with the state 

After reading over the fees listed there, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Business Filings Forms link to download the appropriate forms.  Reserving a business name is for a length of no more than 120 days prior to the operation of your business, and this includes a $25 filing fee.  Fees for registering your business depend on the type of legal structure of your entity. Forms include filing instructions on the last page.

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

A Federal Employment Identification Number is required of all home care companies who will have employees.  You may apply (Form SS-4) for an FEIN by calling the Business and Specialty Tax Line weekdays between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern time at 1-800-829-4933.  You may also apply online using the Internet EIN Application.  For more information visit www.irs.gov/businesses.

State Income Tax Withholding

South Carolina employers must file for State Tax Withholding.  Linking to the Withholding Tax Information Guide will give you access to:

  • Forms

  • Filing instructions

  • Contact numbers for answers to your questions

Workers' Compensation

The rule of thumb is that any employer who regularly employs four or more workers full-time or part-time is required to have Workers' Compensation insurance.  (Information courtesy of the State of SC Workers' Compensation Commission website.)  Further questions about WC can be answered at this link.

To contact the Coverage and Compliance Department call (803)737-5708.

Unemployment Compensation

The Employment Security Commission supplies South Carolina employers with a complete site on UI tax information.  Follow this link, click on:

  1. Employer on the left column, then

  2. Tax Information

Choosing this link will guide you through New Employer Registration and Reporting Requirements as well as a link to an Employer Handbook.

State Management of Medicaid

For any questions about South Carolina state regulations on Medicaid for your business, please contact the:

South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
P.O. Box 8206
Columbia, SC 29202-8206
Local: 1-803-898-2500

Information on this page is believed accurate as of the most recent update, February 17, 2006.  Corrections or additions may be emailed to updates@privatedutytoday.com.  This guide is meant as a starting point for business creation research, and may not be complete or current.  Private Duty Today shall not be liable for errors or omissions.

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